Bottled teas

Kombucha with lemon & ginger flavoured green tea

 TEA HOUSE AWARD - The Tastiest Bottled Tea of The Month 

Smell 5/5:  Lovely ginger and lemon aroma.

Flavour 5/5: Sparkled, a lovely ginger and lemon flavour. It is so enjoyable. It has long slightly burns the throat in aftertaste.

 Colour 3/5: Bright amber, cloudy

 Deposit: Yes

 Caffeine-free: No

Tea type: Ready to drink/in a glass bottle

Manufacturer's description: Stir gently before opening. Kombucha tea 96%, cold-pressed lemon juice 2%, cold-pressed ginger 1%, green tea 0.5%. Added carbon dioxide.

Manufacturer's advice: No advice

Storage: Keep refrigerated, once opened consume within 1 week.

 Price £: 1.49

Price per 100ml (£): 0.60

Weight: 250ml

Bottle 5/5: It has a clear glass bottle.

Label 3/5:  It is a very simple bright yellow with mustard, and vertical stripes and basic information on it.

Purchased: Lidl/Shelf/Calderdale

Produced for: Lidl Great Britain

Manufacturer: Unknown

Additional notes: The tea is bottled into a glass bottle which shows me a high quality of representation and tea’s storage. It has the Vitasia logo on the label that indicates the manufacturer.

Tested: Bradford/England

Date: 25/03/24