Loyd Sweet Cherry

 TEA HOUSE AWARD - The Most Beautiful Packaging of The Month.

Smell 5/5:  Vivid cherry, reminds me of cherry jam

Flavour 4/5: It has a mild cherry flavour, but not sweet. Sour aftertaste. Quite watery.

 Colour 4/5: Dark red

 Deposit: Yes

 Infused: 10 min

 Caffeine-free: Yes

Tea type: Fruit

Manufacturer's description: Tea bags have been made from a material that does not affect the taste and aroma of tea. The three-dimensional pyramid enables better circulation of water which ensures the fruit flavour is released.

Manufacturer's advice: Put a teabag into a cup and pour over 100˚C water 200ml. Brew it for 5 minutes.

Storage: Keep in a dark and dry place

 Price /5: -/20 bags

Weight: 40g

Bags 4/5: The bags are pyramid-shaped appearing very stylish.  However, they have not been sealed off in separate bags as Efor tea bags. The manufacturer has almost made it perfect.

Package 5/5:  The manufacturer has thought a lot about impressing a client by making a lovely design lid in dark green colour placing the tea brand on it with bold white and beautiful letters, but on the box, we can see burgundy colour tasty cherries with pyramid shaped tea bag

Purchased: -

Acknowledgement: Thanks to my godmother (Anna Tiltiņa) for donating this tea to my Tea House collection.

Tested: Bradford/West Yorkshire/England


Date: 16/09/23

Layd support digestion

TEA HOUSE AWARD - The Most Beautiful Tea Bags of The Month.

Smell 4/5:  Gentle peppermint

Flavour 4/5: Peppermint with tender hints of liquorice leading to strong long-lasting freshness in the aftertaste.

 Colour 4/5: Dark amber

 Deposit: Yes

 Infused: 5min

Tried with: 200ml hot water

 Caffeine-free: Yes

Tea type: Herbal

Manufacturer's description: Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

A few ingredients – anise fruit (Pimpinella anisum) (12%), fennel fruit (Foenicilum vulgare) (12%), liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) (2%), peppermint leaf (Mentha piperita) (62%),

Manufacturer's advice: Put a teabag into a cup and pour over 100˚C water 200ml. Brew it for 8 – 10 minutes and do not more than 3 cups a day. To maintain good health, a varied diet should be applied and a healthy lifestyle maintained.

Storage: Keep in a dark and dry place

 Price: 1.29/20 bags

Price per bag (£): 0.06

Price per 1kg (£): 32.25

Weight: 40g

Bags 5/5: Pyramidal-shaped teabags with a string and a tag at the end. I only wished they would be put into sachets individually.

Package 5/5:  The Manufacturer has used a lot of green colours and stylishly designed the package.

Purchased: Lidl/Shelf/Cartandale/England

Manufacturer: Mokate SA/Poland

Additional notes: By opening the tea box, I could feel a strong herbal aroma, fresh, especially mint.

This tea is a wonderful brew. I liked its strong freshness in the aftertaste. I loved that tender presence of liquorice.

Also, it is interesting to learn that this tea contains fat and fatty acids. This is the first tea where the manufacturer specifies what ingredients they have used calling actual names.

The manufacturer recommends the tea brew for up to 10 minutes. I assume they have meant this tea as a remedy, not as a tea for relaxation.

Interestingly, the manufacturer has put images of the ingredients to introduce consumers to their outlook. I wish they would add an explanation of their benefits to each herb.

Tested: Bradford/West Yorkshire/England

Date: 22/05/24