Location: West Yorkshire, England.

 Haworth is a village that is based in West Yorkshire around 10 miles from Bradford. 

As I visited this little hilly village I fell in love with it which seemed to me a magical place where to be. I loved the environment and atmosphere of cafes, souvenir and antiquarian bookshops, restaurants and pubs. 

I think it is worth mentioning that there is a singer, a pretty old-looking man, standing next to a vintage clothing shop (Main Street). His voice and outlook are so, so amazing, that give Haworth town center a romantic and enjoyable atmosphere. 

 The whole town centre is buzzing with happy people's voices and street musicians; and walking down the main street there is breathtaking scenery to a vast landscape which stretches far, far away.

 One of the venues it is worth attending is Abraham Art Gallery which is based on Main Street. There you will find beautiful paintings and, you might be able even to talk to the painter himself as I did. The entrance is free of charge.

 Also, there is a lovely little church - Haworth Church which is around a 2-minute walk from Main Street. It is a wonderful place. The church turns into a magical place when an organ is played. I just imagined how amazing it looks during the Christmas season when people gather up and celebrate Christmas together praying. The atmosphere is so lovely.  There is no charge for entrance. 

A remarkable fact about Haworth village is that there is Brontë Parsonage Museum. It is probably the main thing none should miss.


5/5. If you go to West Yorkshire, you must go there as well. This place seems like something out of the ordinary world.

Comfort 2/5: The village is very hilly. Also, the place is quite pricy, so take more money with you. According to a lady from a local shop. She explained that in Haworth prices are as high as in London*.

Transport 5/5: It is possible to access the village by using public transport.  There goes a train from Leeds train station or a bus, which you can get whether in Leeds, Skipton, Bradford or Keighley. Of course, the most convenient transport is a car.

Date: May 14 2023

*Please correct me if this is wrong.