Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam

Location: Leeds, England, Europe

The manor of Newsam was owned by the Knights Templar back in the 12th century, but later on, the property was passed to the Darcy family. Eventually, Lord Darcy built the first manor house here in about 1500. 

Temple Newsam become famous as the birthplace of Lord Darnley, who was the husband of the Queen of Scots - Mary.

 Now we can see it as a superb 15th-century country house where it's possible to find some of the most amazing pieces of furniture, textiles, paintings, and art objects. 

 During winter the visitors are accompanied by a guide, but during spring, summer and autumn visitors can enjoy the museum by themselves.

 The museum is located on three floors and we found this place as a remarkable place where to go. Interesting facts are (and it is possible to learn only if you have a guide) - there is a hidden door to the garden, in the stairwell has happened murder, but apparently, no ghosts living there; servants have been held in a dark room for hours next to the reception room to make sure they are always next to homeowners while they are partying. Additionally, here is possible to find the world's second-biggest glass ice tray where wine bottles have been held during events. Also, it is funny to learn how illnesses were cured at that time at the local house treatment room.


Price: 5/5: £9 per person even without a guide it is so much worth being there. You will love it.

Comfort 3/5: It has no lift if you are having a baby pram or a wheelchair, this will be problematic.

Staff kindness 3/5: I could not give a maximum rating because we were rushed by a guide. It made me feel that Temple Newsam has turned into a money machine. Regardless, the guide told us a lot of interesting things because of constant harrying I could not enjoy fully the tour. Also, none waited for us at the doorstep. The glass door was closed and luckily, we banged on it loud enough. So eventually a staff member opened the door for us. Here I would like mind work organisation. 

Location 2/5: Temple Newsam Rd, Leeds LS15 0AE. Here is not possible to get by public transport so you will need a car. Also, as far as we are aware the car park costs money.

Date: February 2 2023