War Museum

War Museum

Location: Riga, Latvia, Baltic States, Europe

The museum has been created on 15th October 1916 originally called the Latvian Riflemen Battalion Museum. the idea of the museum was to together material relating to the Latvian Riflemen and World War I.

 Initially, it was opened on 1/3 Terbatas Street. Though, when Riga was bombarded during World War I (1917), the museum was relocated (1919) to Powder Tower, which is in Old Riga. The museum reopened to the public in 1921.

 The museum was expanded in 1936 thankfully government's decision to dedicate a neighbouring land lot. Nerveless, because Latvia became part of the USSR (as far as we understand), the museum was closed for most of the time until 1990, when the government of Latvia restored the museum on 1st June.

 The museum is located on several floors, where visitors can learn about Latvia in different wars as well as about the time in Latvia and Riga between the 18th and 19th centuries. The most impressive exhibits are dedicated to the First and the Second World war where Latvia was involved.

 Additionally, the top floor was dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

 Interestingly at the entrance of the museum, there is exhibited a damaged vehicle from Ukraine, which shows visitors what this nation goes through and what a war can bring.


Price 5/5: It will cost you €5 per person and you will see a lot.

Comfort 5/5: It has a lift so you can easily move around from one floor to another floor if you have difficulties moving or you are having a child in a pram.

Staff kindness 5/5: We had a kind staff member who answered any question we asked. 

Location 5/5:  20 Smilšu Street, Old Riga

Specification: You can leave your coats in changing areas for your welfare and comfort. In fact, in most museums in Latvia, you will be recommended to leave your belongings like backpacks, coats and jackets etc in changing rooms.

Date: April 2023