Pauls Stradins Medicine History Museum

Pauls Stradins Medicine History Museum

Location: Riga, Latvia, Europe

The museum was established on October 1, 1957, but opened for visitors in 1961. Now it is one of the biggest museums of medicine on the planet. Here you will learn how medicine and pharmacology developed from ancient time to the present. And of course, there is a special section dedicated to the development of medicine in Latvia.

 The author of the museum was Pauls Stradins (1896 - 1958) who donated the bases of the museum. He had collected so much material that his colleagues were amazed by his collection and in the 1930th of the 20th century he suggested opening a museum.


Price 5/5: It will cost you €5 per person. You will see a lot of different maybe funny things that might make you wonder.

Comfort 3/5: The museum is located on three floors, but the lift will take you only to the first floor to the till. The other two floors do not provide a lift.

Staff kindness 5/5: At the reception, a staff member will briefly introduce you to things you can see.

Location 4/5: 1 Ukraine Independence Street. It will take you around 15 minutes to walk from Old Riga.

Specification: You can leave your coats in changing areas for your welfare and comfort. In fact, in most museums in Latvia, you will be recommended to leave your belongings like backpacks, coats and jackets etc in changing rooms.

Date: April 2023