Cartwright Hall

Cartwright Hall

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, Europe.

 Cartwright Hall was designed in the grand Edwardian Baroque style. It has been named by Samuel Cunliffe Lister (1815 - 1906) to praise Dr Edmund Cartwright's (1743 - 1823) achievement. During his life, he invented a wool combing machine. From that moment producing textiles could be done by machine not by hand.  

It has been built on the former site of Manningham Hall and opened as an art gallery in 1904. Ever since it has served as an art gallery which exhibits four permanent galleries specialising in 19th- & 20th-century British art and includes other different kinds of art.

 Cartwright Hall is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Bradford, and it will be fun for children too, because there is designed room for them to have fun.

 A remarkable fact to mention is, Lister Park which surrounds the museum has received Green Flag Award.


Price: 5/5 It is free of charge and it is a great choice to go.

Comfort 5/5: There is a lift, and the museum is spacious on two floors. There is a notable fact. If you come in a wheelchair then you can enter the museum through the back door and there will be provided a lift to the upper floors. Originally, if you want to enter the premises you need to walk up a low staircase, which might cause difficulties.

Staff kindness 5/5: The members of staff are everywhere and any time you will need help or advice there will be somebody to help you.

Location 3/5: Lister Park, Bradford, BD9 4NS. In the best scenario, it would be great to go there by car. The car park is provided free of charge. If you decide to go by public transport then it might take more than 40 minutes to get there.

Date: May 14 2023