Riga Art Nouveau Center

Riga Art Nouveau Center

Location: Riga, Latvia, Europe

This is the only Nouveau art museum in the Baltic States, which is located in a house designed by the famous Latvian architect Konstantinas Peksen. 

There was also his apartment where he lived until 1907. The flat is furnished in the style of the beginning of the 20th century with interior furniture from 1903.

 As you visit this museum you will find there are two floors - the ground floor is the flat and the basement is dedicated to an art gallery. 

A notable fact about the basement is that there is a photo studio where everyone can take images (and, yes, it is free of charge). Visitors will have a chance to wear different types of men's and women's hats. It is possible to take images by yourself or ask a member of staff to picture you. 

Another interesting fact is that staff members are dressed in a very old-fashioned style which is so appealing for this museum. 


Price 5/5: It will cost you €3 per person if you do not want to see an art gallery in the basement. Though, if you will decide to attend it, then that will cost an additional  €2 per person. The price is excellent and you can see a lot.

Comfort 3/5: It has no lift, so if you are having a baby pram or a wheelchair, this will be problematic.

Staff kindness 5/5: Staff members are amazing. Visitors get an introduction to what to expect in this museum and as you browse around the museum there will be another staff member who will kindly explain and answer all your questions.

Location 3/5: 12 Alberta Street. If you decide to walk there it will take around 20 minutes from the town centre. Also, it is possible to get there by public transport or car.

Date: April 2023