Mrs. Hoyer's Guest House

MRS Hoyer's Guest House.

Location: Liepaja/Latvia/Europe 

Mrs Hoyer's guest house opened on March 2022 and it tells about two families living back in the 17th and 19th centuries. These two families were Hoyer and Stender who owned this house. 

The museum is on three floors.

 In the basement, visitors can find a historical story of Mrs Hoyer's House.  There will be a changing room to leave your belongings while cruising around the museum. On the ground floor, visitors will find guesthouse rooms and rooms where the owners used to live, plus a pub (17th century). But on the first floor, there will be rooms from the 19th century with furniture that has been made 19th - 20th century ( Biedermeier mahogany furniture).

 Also, in the pub-like place, visitors can enjoy actual food that used to be served when Mrs Hoyer's pub existed.

 Remarkable fact - the members of staff have made a mini-me version of Lipeaja's City. It is a little Lego-like construction with a train travelling around it. It is a breathtaking thing. You will be amazed when the lights in the room are turned off and all the little buildings have their lights on. You have to see it. And most of all, that will be not only an amazing attraction for your children but for you as an adults too.

 According to the staff, there has been invested €4,000 000 in the house.


Price 5/5: It will cost you €3 per person including a personal guide who speaks in good English language, too. In my opinion, it is must visit place in Liepaja if you are visiting this city. It is so much worth it. 

Comfort 5/5: It has a lift so you can easily move around from one floor to another floor if you have difficulties moving or you are having a child in a pram.

Staff kindness 5/5: We were in April and we had a personal guide who took us through the basement and the ground floor. On the first floor, there was another guide who took us through every room*.

Location 5/5: Kungu iela 24. It takes a 9-minute walk from the town centre**.

Specification: You can leave your coats in changing areas for your welfare and comfort. In fact, in most museums in Latvia, you will be recommended to leave your belongings like backpacks, coats and jackets etc in changing rooms.

Date: April 2023

* During summer visitors might not get a guide as the guest house becomes extremely busy. (This info was provided to me by a  staff member). 

**Please correct me if I am wrong.