Brontë Parsonage Museum

Brontë Parsonage Museum

Location: Haworth, West Yorkshire, England, Europe.

 Brontë's family is famous for writing some of the greatest novels in English. Their literary work has inspired generations of different artists, readers and writers as well as visitors who have been here. 

This place was named Haworth Personage and here in 1820 moved in a guy from Ireland - Patrick and his Cornish wife - Maria. 

 They had six children - five daughters and a son Barnwell. 

The oldest daughters Maria and Elizabeth died in 1825. 

One of their daughters Charlotte created Jane Eyer. Another daughter Emily created one of the darkest masterpieces in English literature - Wuthering Heights, but Anne, the youngest daughter wrote Wildfell Hall. Her novel became famous for talking about women's rights. 

Patrick outlived his family dying in 1861 dying at the age of 84. 


Price: 3/5 It will cost £12 per person. Here we can still argue whether it is too expensive. There is quite a lot to see and you can use this ticket all year round if you decide to come again. So the ticket is valid for a year. 

Comfort 3/5: It has no lift, and allocated spaces for entering rooms are narrow, so remember if you are having a baby pram or a wheelchair, this will be problematic.

Staff kindness 5/5: A staff member at the till kindly explains what to expect in the museum. Also, if you came with a baby pram, you can leave it at the till and members of staff will look after it while you are cruising around the museum. Additionally, if you have no baby carrier museum personnel can supply you with a bay holder that is possible to put around your waist. 

Location 5/5: Church St. It takes around a 10-minute walk from Main Street. It is possible to access the village by using any transport, a car or public transport.  There goes a train from Leeds train station or a bus, which you can get whether in Leeds, Skipton, Bradford or Keighley. Car parking is allocated next to the museum. Only it is for a charge.

Date: May 14 2023